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Baranof Wilderness Lodge

Our Lodge Accommodations

Comfortable and spacious guest cabins and lodge. Surrounded by lush green ancient forests.
Spacious rooms, elegantly furnished. With pine paneling, armoires, and baseboard heaters with guest-controlled thermostats so you can regulate the temperature of your cabin. We feature complete private bathroom facilities with hot showers, wash basins with hot and cold running water, and flush toilets. Our on site housekeeping staff provides towel and linen service.
24 hour electricity (60hz AC) from our own hydroelectric plant. The turbine is powered by nearby Sadie Creek, one of many nearby crystal clear streams that tumble down the lush green ancient forest surrounding the lodge.
Soak in one of our hot tubs. Choose the redwood tub, situated in a grove of ancient trees, overlooking a fresh, clear mountain stream that surges past. Or, select the tub on the deck, and view the magnificent panorama around the lodge – Warm Springs Bay, snow covered mountain peaks, soaring Bald Eagles. Adventurous soakers will want to embark on the short hike to the natural hot springs nearby. A series of natural pools overlooking a magnificent waterfall awaits.
Always gracious and cheerful.
Our friendly staff takes great pride in ensuring your comfort and happiness, and satisfaction.
The Baranof Wilderness Lodge is the perfect platform for the entire family. With such a diverse menu of fishing and activities and a fleet of boats we will surround you with trained professionals on the daily adventure of your choosing. You set the pace and pick the adventure that interests you the most.

The Cuisine

Following the days activities your appetite will be sharpened and the aromas drifting from Bajr’s kitchen will be irresistible. Our meals are served family style for the heartiest of appetites, accompanied by our very own label wine, and of course ICE CREAM! All enjoyed while overlooking stunning Warm Springs Bay.

No matter which of our many exciting activities you select, your appetite will be sharpened by the aroma of fresh bread, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and sumptuous appetizers and hor’s dourves prepared daily by our chef.

Our meals are served family style, from a colorful, varied menu inspired by the local halibut, salmon, crab, shrimp, and clams. 

Our own vegetable and herb garden supplements the bountiful catch from the day’s excursions.

And let’s not forget to explore the delightful surprises to be found in our very own wine cellar, as we have a selection to complement fish stories of all shapes and sizes.