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Our Wildlife Program

Explore Alaska’s Wilderness

Alaska’s amazing ecosystems with a wide range of adventure outings. Bird Watching, Kayaking to Hiking, Tide Pooling to Clam Digging and Wilderness Beach Combing. Baranof Wilderness Lodge creates a fun and educational atmosphere for the entire family.

Harbor Seals – Stellar Sea Lions – Orcas

Humpback Whales – Tide Pool Invertebrates

Otters – Brown Bears – Bald Eagles

Other Rare and Endangered Birds – Sitka Black Tail Deer

Our Wildlife Program Alaska’s Wilderness

Our staff Biologist/Marine Educator

Has worked for two of the top aquariums in the world, and has researched a variety of marine mammals of the Pacific. Join them for a day of hands on learning that will undoubtedly enhance your Alaskan experience.

“Humpback whales travel to Chatham Strait and Frederick Sound to feed on the abundant supply of herring. This is one of the only places in the world where you can witness their cooperative feeding strategy, called bubble net feeding.”

Experience The Vast Array Of Alaskan Wilderness

There are endless opportunities to observe several species of whales and wildlife of all kinds. Baranof Wilderness Lodge offers you the chance to witness some of the most remote and magical ecosystems in the world

Naturalist Intensive Weeks

Designed for nature buffs and children of all ages. Take a look at a few of our half and full day activity selections.

Marine Mammal – Cruise to Yasha Island

Take a cruise across Chatham Strait where you can view whale such as Humpbacks, Orcas, and Dalls Porpoise. Observe Harbor Seals or Stellar Sea Lions in their natural habitat – a rookery of over 200 animals!

Hike to Sadie or Baranof Lake

Walk though the plush ferns and hemlocks on a boardwalk trail to Baranof Lake where you can view endless cascading waterfalls and pick fresh mountain berries. If you prefer a more intensive hike, try the hike to Sadie Lake where you’ll pass ponds full of Lilly pads and families of Red-Throated Loons.

Kayak to Tidepools

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can be on your way to one of the most unique tide pools in the Pacific Northwest, via one of our sea kayaks. Tide pools are the jewelry boxes of the sea, decorated with brightly colored sea stars, hermit crabs, sea anemones, and treasures of all sorts – waiting to be discovered.

Rain Forest Exploration

Explore the pristine ancient rain forest environment bursting with old growth life as centuries of moss cushion your every step. Experience walking in protected woodlands where few human steps have ever been made.

Freshwater Creek/Bear and Eagle Observations

Brown bears flourish on the salmon charging the streams to begin their spawn. Bald eagles soar above as you witness the powerful mammals, birds, and fish that make the food chain come alive.

To assist in the preservation of the powerful Humpback whales, Baranof Wilderness Lodge works in cooperation with Fred Sharpe and the Alaska Whale Foundation, as well as Jan Straley at the University of Alaska. Their research is crucial to gain further understanding of how we may continue to live peacefully with these majestic creatures.